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How to prepare for your IELTS test

The effectiveness of IELTS has been proven since 1989, and it has gained a trust vote worldwide for providing an exam that assesses communication competence in every day English environments. Over 9.000 educational institutions, governmental agencies and professional organizations in 135 countries around the world acknowledge IELTS as a reliable and valid indicator of the skills necessary to accurately communicate in English.

IELTS preparation courses

At International House Bogotá we offer quality preparation courses for IELTS, in both face-to-face and online formats:

Face-to-face IELTS preparation course

This course is designed for you to learn strategies and get more specific advice for the exam. The course is taught by highly qualified teachers especially trained for this kind of course.

The only requirement to take this course is to have an intermediate level of English (based on IH standards).

What does the course include?

  • 20 hours of group lessons
  • Support material
  • Mock exam
  • Tutor feed back
  • Free access to our IELTS online preparation courses and mock exams from the computers in our school

Dates and times: contact us at ielts@ihbogota.com and we will let you know the upcoming available dates and schedules.


Course price only: $599.000.

Special course price + exam pack: $1.150.000.


IELTS Official Test Centre

Online preparation course

Our online school Net Languages offers a wide range of preparation materials for students who are thinking about taking the IELTS official test.

We offer a complete online IELTS preparation course that helps students prepare for the four sections that make up the exam: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Other programs

If you need to improve your level of English, before taking the exam, International House offers a wide variety of English programs that will help you improve your knowledge of the language with highly qualified native teachers and excellent pedagogic resources.

During the exam

1 | Make sure you understand the tasks

Carefully follow the instructions during the exam. Remember that the writing section has specific requirements, for example the number of words.

2 | Spend the necessary time on each question

Some questions have a time limit for you to follow. Every exam room will have a visible clock or timer. Keep track of the time during the exam so that you can complete all of the questions.

3 | Keep calm to improve your performance

If you are stressed, take a deep breath to calm down. If you focus on the question and do not rush your answers, you will do better.

Before the test

1 | Visit IELTS Essentials

The IELTS Americas site gives you advice and suggestions that every candidate should read, it includes:

  • IELTS candidate information booklet
  • IELTS registration form
  • IELTS Examiners approved tips
  • What to expect on exam day

Download the IELTS Essentials Pack.

2 | Know what to expect

In order to get more acquainted with the kind of task included in IELTS, we suggest that you take an IELTS preparation course. This will help you to:

  • Practice the kind of tasks included in IELTS (for instance, writing a short essay or a letter)
  • Get feedback and learn from your answers to the practice questions
  • Become more confident in your test taking skills
  • Help you decide if you are ready to take the test

3 | Use your English every day

A sure way to improve your IELTS marks is to practice your English every day at home, and at work or university. This involves speaking in English with your friends, watching and listening to shows in English, reading publications in English (for example the IELTS Americas blog!) and practicing your writing skills at any possible opportunity.

4 | Understand the IELTS marking bands

The IELTS marking bands are explained at IELTSamericas.com.

5 | Practice with IELTS sample questions

At IELTSamericas.com you can find a complete IELTS sample test.

6 | Get the official IELTS practice material

You can find multiple options of printed IELTS preparation materials at International House Bogotá, bookstores or on the Internet. You can find some purchase material at IELTSamericas.com.

7 | Rest and relax

Rest well the night before the exam. Also make sure that you are acquainted with your exam center location for you to be able to arrive on time.