Improve Your English with Free CELTA Classes!

Are you interested in taking your English to the next level? We’re offering free virtual classes for learners from A2 to C1 levels, led by CELTA trainees.

What are CELTA Trainees?

CELTA trainees are aspiring English language teachers who are undergoing the CELTA certification program. As part of their training, they get hands-on experience by planning and teaching lessons to real learners – that’s you “Teaching Practice Students (TP Students)”!

Why attend these classes?

  • Flexible and convenient: These virtual classes are offered throughout the year, and you choose the days that work best for you (Saturdays or weekdays).
  • Learn from the latest methods: See firsthand how future English teachers apply effective teaching techniques in the classroom.
  • Free participation: Gain valuable English language instruction at no cost.

Additional benefits:

  • Experienced guidance: While CELTA trainees lead the classes, qualified CELTA tutors oversee everything to ensure a high-quality learning experience.
  • Interactive environment: Practice your spoken English and participate in engaging activities.

Additional benefits:

Current classes: Saturdays from 10.30am to 1.3pm (ends June 15th)

New courses start: June 19th & June 24th, 2024 (weekdays & Saturdays, 10.30am to 1.3pm)

Participation Requirements:

· Levels: A2 through C1 (beginner A1 level not currently offered)

· Limited spots: Apply now to secure your place (waiting list available)

· Zoom access: Download and update Zoom to the latest version

· Commitment: Attend the entire class on your chosen days (no early departures)

· Device: Use a computer for class participation (phones/tablets not permitted)

· Camera on: Activate your camera during class sessions

Ready to take your English to the next level?

Click the link below to complete the registration form and choose your preferred attendance dates. We’ll contact you with the class link before it starts!

Registration Link:

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from future English language professionals and improve your English skills in a flexible and interactive environment!